House Removals: How to Handle Fragile Items During a Move 

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House Removals: How to Handle Fragile Items During a Move 

House removals, especially moving into a new home is undoubtedly a big event in your life, and it often comes with its fair share of stress and complexities. Among the most challenging aspects is the delicate task of handling breakable and valuable household items. Glassware, dishes, lamps, antiques, and electronics are all susceptible to damage if not treated with the utmost care. 

This is why a meticulous assessment of potential risks, a focus on minimising the chances of accidents, and a grasp of essential tips and techniques are vital in safeguarding your fragile and valuable household belongings during the entire relocation process.  

While booking the services of trusted professionals like Black’s Removals in Scotland can provide the utmost safety for your precious possessions and peace of mind, it’s equally important to consider practical tips and tricks for packing and moving delicate items with the utmost care and precision. 

List of Fragile Items That Need Proper Handling During a Move 

  1. Coffee mugs 
  2. Wine glasses 
  3. Glassware dishes 
  4. Expensive artwork 
  5. Lampshades and light bulbs 
  6. Wine bottles 
  7. Mirrors 
  8. Glass picture frames 
  9. Television and monitors 
  10. Microwave and oven 
  11. Perfume or skin care bottles 
  12. Glass tables 

Make sure you pay special attention to these items when preparing for a house move in the UK and keep them safe throughout the journey. You can also make your move eco-friendly by using old blankets, towels, bed sheets, suitcases, etc for packing. 

Tips for Packing Fragile and Valuable Items For Your House Removals

  • Plan and Prepare in Advance 

Procrastination during the house removals process can lead to chaos on moving day, potentially causing damage to your cherished belongings. Craft a comprehensive plan well ahead of your moving date. Create an inventory of delicate and valuable items, such as glassware, mirrors, antiques, and artwork, to ensure they receive the special care they deserve. Planning in advance will help you stay organized and avoid unnecessary moving mishaps.  

  • Secure High-Quality Packing Supplies for House Removals 

To keep your items safe during transit, stock up on quality packing materials such as bubble wrap, packing paper, and sturdy moving boxes. Moreover, investing in top-notch supplies ensures your possessions remain intact throughout the journey and helps estimate your packing timeline. 

  • Specialised Boxes for Glassware 

Glassware is inherently vulnerable, and mishandling can result in damage. Opt for specialized boxes to protect different glassware categories: 

  1. Dish Packs for Dishware: These boxes feature double-thick walls for added protection. Line the base and sides with crumpled paper for extra cushioning. 
  2. Flat Boxes for Mirrors: Use flat boxes to limit movement and safeguard delicate mirrors during transport. 
  3. Cell Boxes for Stemware and Wine Bottles: These boxes come with dividers to keep smaller items like glassware and bottles secure. 
  4. Double-Corrugated Boxes: Ideal for bulky, fragile items such as TVs and stereos. 
  • Bubble Wrap for Extra Protection 

Wrapping your delicate items in bubble wrap is an effective way to ensure their safety during the move. Consider using a double-layer technique when packing glassware to provide an extra layer of protection. Professionals often wrap each item individually to guarantee their safety and may even use eco-friendly packing supplies to reduce environmental impact. 

  • Reinforce Your Moving Boxes 

Strengthen your moving boxes by adding an additional layer of packing tape to the bottom and sides of corrugated boxes. This simple step significantly enhances their durability, allowing you to pack heavy, fragile items and electronic appliances with confidence. 

Pack your items thoughtfully by placing heavier objects at the bottom of the box and lighter ones on top. This strategy prevents breakage due to shifting or excessive weight. Use packing peanuts and crumpled newspapers to fill any empty spaces within the box, further preventing movement during transit. 

  • Disassemble When Necessary 

Additionally, for large or bulky, fragile furniture pieces like dining tables, consult the instruction manual and disassemble them. Remove legs and any mirror components and pack these pieces individually using quality supplies. 

  • Label Your Boxes 

Clearly label all moving boxes containing delicate items as “Fragile” or “Handle with Care” on all sides. This ensures your removalist handles them with the utmost care during loading and unloading. 

Safeguard Your Fragile Items with Black's Removals

  • Cautious Loading and Unloading 

After packing your delicate items, enlist the help of friends and family for loading and unloading. Furthermore, their assistance ensures a safe and secure process, reducing the risk of accidents or damage. 

  • Consider Professional Movers for Your House Removals

If concerns persist regarding the handling of fragile items during your house removals, consider enlisting the services of experienced home mover in Brechin, such as Black’s Removals with over a hundred years of expertise in home and office removals. They possess the skills and equipment required for a safe and efficient house move.  They can help with home furniture movers in Brechin, Forfar, Kirriemuir, Arbroath, Carnoustie and house removals in Dundee and Aberdeen. As well as storage in Dundee, storage in Aberdeen and storage in Angus.

Wrapping Up 

Whether you’ve tackled house removals several times or it’s your first time, it’s good to have these tips in mind to help you safeguard your fragile items during your relocation. No harm in going over our guide once in a while to ensure your delicate and valuable possessions arrive at your new destination unscathed.  

Safeguard Your Fragile Items During House Removals with Black’s Removals 

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