We Haul U Load

We bring as many containers as you need to your premises.

There’s the traditional, hard-work method of getting your stuff into storage, where you pack everything, put the boxes into a van, take it all out at the storage facility and pack it into the container, and then reverse the process when you no longer need to store it, handling every item four times.  Each time you handle it there’s more chance of damaging yourself or your goods.

Then there’s the easy way, the Blacks way: we bring as many containers as you need to your premises, you pack your stuff into them, and we then take the containers away and store them for you.  When you’re ready to take your goods out of storage we bring the containers to you and you empty them.  Everything gets handled just twice, reducing the chance of injury to yourself and damage to your effects.

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Our removals services are available in Scotland, Europe and Worldwide